'Who's Your Daddy:' Y&R's Comprehensive Take On Fathers

When it comes to loyalty, brands can count on dads more than moms, according to a comprehensive new study called “Who’s Your Daddy,” from WPP’s Y&R. 

According to the study, issued just in time for Father’s Day (June 21), nearly half (48%) of fathers surveyed are likely to consider themselves loyal to brand-name products, compared to 35% of moms who feel that way. 

Dads are considerably less frugal than moms as well, with one-third making an effort to buy products on sale versus 52% of moms. In fact, nearly 60% of dads feel that using coupons makes them look “cheap,” per the study, compared to 37% of moms. 

The top 10 brands most desired by dads in the U.S. include Apple, UnderArmour, Nike, Netflix, iPad, Lexus, Lego, Levi’s, Kobalt and Harley-Davidson. Other brands high on the list include Cheerios, Lowe’s, Coca-Cola, Google, Kraft, Dickies, Rolex and Oral-B. 



““There is a dramatic shift in a man’s priorities when he becomes a dad,” said study author Kasi Bruno, SVP, Strategic Planning Director, Y&R Toronto. “And he is actively looking for resources -- from helpful blogs to changing tables in men’s restrooms -- to support him in this important role. While there is an abundance of support geared toward moms, there is not much available to dads, and they realize it. Dads are actually more brand loyal than moms, so the brands that act first to meet the needs of dads will be rewarded with their continued purchases for years to come.” 

The study also found that millennial dads are leading the way in terms of shared parenting tasks. A whopping 80% of millennial dads claim primary or shared grocery shopping responsibility, compared to 45% of all dads. Nearly half (49%) of millennial dads are mainly responsible for planning play dates and other activities with their kids outside the home, as opposed to 23% of dads age 35 and over. 

More dads today prioritize their physical well-being and appearance, belying the stereotype of the beer-bellied, couch potato dad. Dads tend to shop the beauty aisle similarly to women without children, with 54% of dads and 51% of single women regularly looking for innovation in personal care products, compared to 45% of moms and 35% of men overall. 

The “Who’s Your Daddy” study was compiled from Y&R’s global intelligence network, a collection of proprietary data and syndicated research reports, as well as a BrandSpark survey of 8,000 dads across the US and Canada. Y&R also applied insights from Labstore, Y&R’s retail and shopper marketing network, and used a qualitative research method called eXploring. The Y&R BrandAsset Valuator was used to determine the list of most-desired brands by dads. More on the report can be found here

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