WPP, Daily Mail, Snapchat Find The 'Rare And Tasty' In Truffle Pig

Demonstrating the power of images in creative storytelling, news from Cannes suggests that WPP, Daily Mail and Snapchat have jointly launched a joint content marketing venture called Truffle Pig that combines a global agency and newsroom with social media talent. It's a shift that will influence search marketing.

While the focus of Truffle Pig turns toward content planning, development and creation, the partnership follows a move by a parade of companies, from Google to Instagram, to make the most from storytelling and content. It also sends a signal to search marketers of the importance to optimize content to improve search engine query rankings. Marketers optimizing campaigns need to focus on scaling content without sacrificing quality by working with creators to define expectations. 

Truffle Pig will use, Elite Daily and Snapchat as test beds for original concepts in story-driven marketing. The company also plans to make use of Snapchat's 3V video production studio in Los Angeles.

Alexander Jutkowitz -- managing partner of Group SJR, part of WPP -- steps in as Truffle Pig CEO, which launches initially in the U.S. with headquarters in New York. Daily Mail North America CEO Jon Steinberg will join the Board of Truffle Pig.

"A truffle pig finds the rare and tasty," said Steinberg in a prepared statement. "With the need for story-driven marketing on our sites and those of other media companies, and new ad formats like Snapchat, brands need a truffle pig. We are excited to work with the world's leading brands, their media agencies, and all digital platforms to bring a unique take on digital marketing."

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