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Chase Outranks Other Banks In Social Media Prowess

Chase Bank came out on top in a recent analysis by NetBase of brand conversations across social media platforms.

The social media analytics provider recently released its “Brand Passion Report for Banking Brands,” which analyzes two full years of activity on social networks, review sites, blogs, forums, and news sites worldwide. The report identifies the Top 10 most-talked-about banking brands on social media.

NetBase’s trademarked Brand Passion Index was applied to the list to analyze the brand passion and net sentiment that consumers had for each brand. The resulting banking brands were divided into three categories -- The Underperforming Brands, The Middle Brands and The Leader.

The full NetBase Brand Passion Report for banking is available for download here.



Chase has experienced two years of positive growth trends. Despite coming in first in the Top 10 list, UK banking brand Lloyds Banking Group scored on the lower end in both Net Sentiment and Passion Intensity and fell among The Underperforming Brands, proving that not all chatter is good chatter. 

NetBase’s patented technology reveals preferences using one part art and one part science -- measuring not just the volume or sentiment of social content, but the intensity of passion and feeling, says Pernille Bruun-Jensen, chief marketing officer of NetBase.

“What’s unique about our report is that we are able to provide analysis of consumer emotions and behavior,” says Bruun-Jensen. “The Top 10 banking brands fall well below typical averages on Passion Intensity and Net Sentiment for other industries, indicating that banking brands must work harder to capture consumer love and garner strong positive feelings,” Bruun-Jensen said.

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