Vindico Receives MRC Accreditation For Video Viewability

Viant’s Vindico, a digital video ad platform, on Tuesday announced it has received Media Rating Council (MRC) accreditation for its video viewability measurement product, as well as its video ad serving platform.

According to the MRC’s guidelines, a video ad is deemed “viewable” -- i.e. it had the chance to be seen by the consumer -- if at least 50% of it’s pixels are in-view for at least two continuous seconds.

Vindico has been in the process of receiving MRC accreditation for months, but despite just now receiving the stamp of approval, Vindico has been using its viewability tech to track trends for the past several years. The company found that under half of video ads were viewable in both 2014 (45%) and 2013 (43%). 

The MRC has been on a bit of a roll lately with accreditation. News of Vindico’s green light comes one week after the MRC accredited Extreme Reach for its video ad viewability measurement tech, and more companies are currently going through the accreditation process.

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