33% See Non Opt-In Messaging as a Privacy Violation

Consumers plan to purchase a wide range of intelligent devices over the next few years, opening an entirely new gateway of information.

Almost half of consumers expect to own a connected IoT device within the next five years, according to a new worldwide study.

The majority of those will own multiple connected devices, according to the Digital Trust in the IoT Era study by Accenture.

The study comprised a survey of 24,000 consumers in 24 countries with the sample in each country representative of its online population.

The strongest device demand will be for smartwatches, home surveillance and wearables with almost as many expecting to acquire smart home thermostats, in-vehicle entertainment systems and home 3-D printers.

Along with all those connected devices comes a rather staggering amount of personal data that can flow and be collected, which leads to the issue of security and trust.



With the new technological capabilities and connectedness of the Internet of Things will come new rules, or new levels of what consumers will and will not accept. Here’s what activities consumers consider a violation of their privacy:

  • 38% -- Sharing information about me that I don’t recall giving permission to be shared
  • 24% -- Ads or recommendations based on my online behavior or online searches
  • 23% -- Ads or recommendations based on my physical location
  • 22% -- Offers based on my online purchases
  • 20% -- Offers based on my offline purchases

Opt-in also is a factor here, with a third (33%) considering it a violation of their privacy if they did not opt in.

With new levels of personal data becoming available, courtesy of IoT, some serious thought will have to be given to the value proposition of messaging.

Otherwise, many doors leading through the Internet of Things to consumers will be closed.

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