HelloWorld Plays Games With Belk For Back-To-School

Department chain Belk continues to use its back-to-school activations to microtarget specific customer groups.

Last year, for the first time, Belk targeted tweens and teens with the “Modern Southern Music Concert Style Sweeps” that used pop group One Direction as its attention-grabbing hook.

This year, Belk and digital agency HelloWorld are targeting a slightly older segment as the department chain launches its new Young Contemporary department. This fashion-focused collection offers shoppers popular style trends, such as the '70s hippie look, at reasonable prices. 

"This campaign is specifically targeting college students," the agency said. "There is a focus on college lifestyle, indicated by the themes of the weekly challenges. For example, choosing your favorite dorm room style, the perfect look for a night out, or what to wear to work, just to name a few." 



Through August 29, Belk and HelloWorld are running the "Back To School Fashion Sweeps" digital promotion that encourages users to vote for a favorite look during a series of themed challenges. 

Users enter the sweepstakes by taking polls, referring friends, and following the campaign on Twitter and Instagram. There will be one grand prize winner who receives a $1,500 Belk gift card and six weekly prizes giving away an Apple iPad and $50 Belk gift card. Two hundred instant win prizes will distribute $15 Belk gift cards. 

Belk is supporting the sweepstakes through purchased media and HelloWorld has placed tracking pixels throughout the program as well. 

Similar to last year's campaign, this contest is designed to help Belk better understand its customer demographics. To that end, Belk and HelloWorld are able to build their SMS database through data that tracks what ages are most engaged by the campaign and who clicked through from the quiz results and started shopping on Belk.com. Furthermore, this promotion is designed to help Belk understand emerging fashion trends. 

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