BuySellAds Launches Self-Serve Programmatic Direct Platform For Publishers

BuySellAds, a supply-side platform (SSP), on Monday announced the launch of a “programmatic direct” ad platform that publishers can use on a self-serve basis.

Todd Garland, founder of BuySellAds, claimed in a statement that the company has been “quietly innovating and selling more than two billion impressions per month” using the new self-serve ad platform.

BuySellAds allows its publisher clients -- such as StackExchange and Newsweek, per Garland’s comments -- to expose their first-party data segments to be purchased by advertisers, explained a company representative. The company “doesn’t yet support third-party data,” but the rep added that third-party data usage is “pretty well covered by private marketplaces right now.”

BuySellAds is pitching the new product as one that allows publishers to reach marketers that have sub-$20,000 budgets -- or, more specifically, publishers that were passing on those “sub-$20,000 marketers” because it wasn’t worth their time and they didn’t want to subjugate their inventory to RTB marketplaces in order to connect with those marketers.



Programmatic direct is set to boom in the next 18 months, with eMarketer projecting it to account for 42% of the U.S. programmatic by 2016, or $8.57 billion.

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