A Collective F*ck Was Just Uttered By Everyone At Coors Light Agency Cavalry Chicago

And so it seems when, in mid-July, MillerCoors CMO David Kroll said, "I would expect a big move forward in 2016," he was suggesting there would be a bit of a dust up in the brand's agency lineup. Well, it's come to pass. A big dust up. On Thursday afternoon, Cavalry Chicago was given the boot as agency of record for Coors Light as well as other Coors family brands.

It's not going to be a pretty picture for Cavalry, which was formed three years ago specifically to handle the Coors business. Of course, the agency firing comes as no surprise and fairly quickly followed the installation of Kroll as MillerCoors CMO.

It is said that MillerCoors will immediately launch an agency review for the Coors family of brands and that an agency should be selected by the end of September.

Upon joining MillerCoors last month, Kroll indicated he was not entirely pleased with how things had been going for the brand and said, "I think we have been just a bit too scattered across our messaging over the past several years," adding: "In any given year we have shifted campaigns three, four, five times. And I think over time that really starts eroding the meaning of our brands. And you will see me very focused on bringing that consistency back."

And while Cavalry management has been working toward expanding its roster of clients so that it is not so singularly dependent upon MillerCoors, there is not much else in the agency's portfolio, making the agency's chances of survival slim.

RIP Cavalry placards may not be far off



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