Murdoch Endorses Bloomberg Candidacy, Tweets He Should Enter GOP Race

While Fox News Network remains enamored by Donald Trump’s candidacy, Rupert Murdoch is throwing another media titan’s hat into the ring, tweeting an endorsement for Michael Bloomberg to enter the race.

Bloomberg, who retired as a three-term New York City mayor last year, rejoined his Bloomberg media empire in an operational role, and has generally demurred when it comes to suggestions he might run for a higher office. 

“With Trump becoming very serious candidate, it's time for next billionaire candidate, Mike Bloomberg to step into ring. Greatest mayor,” Murdoch tweeted Sunday night, then adding, “Agree much about Bloomberg, nannystate, etc, but still a great philanthropic executive who, with Guiliani, made NY the greatest.”

The tweets sent mainstream news outlets scurrying for an angle, but it could just be that the savvy media statements -- Murdoch, that is -- wants to boost ratings for Fox’s election year coverage by getting another big media personality in the race. In a final late night tweet, Murdoch stopped short of saying he would actually vote for Bloomberg: “I did not say I would vote for him!    Just a friend I admire.”

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