Apsalar, Tapad Team To Track Mobile Audiences Across Devices

Apsalar, a mobile data management platform and app analytics firm, this week announced a partnership with cross-device targeting firm Tapad.

The Tapad deal allows Apsalar to track consumers -- or at least look-alike consumers -- once they leave the mobile app space.

The idea behind the partnership is for Apsalar to take what they already know about consumers using first-party data collected via apps and then “follow” those consumers as they use their other devices to get a better understanding of those audiences. Tapad uses probabilistic data to "match" consumers between devices with over 90% accuracy, the company asserts.

Apsalar, which once operated its own mobile demand-side platform (DSP), exited the media-buying space to double down on measurement last summer. While no longer operating a programmatic DSP, the Tapad partnership indicates that Apsalar company is still fully invested in audience data -- the lifeblood of programmatic.



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