Connected, Interactive TV Used Less Than Other Digital Media, Study Shows

Looking at digital media-buying opportunities, connected TV and interactive TV continue to lag behind other formats.

A survey of media buyers from advertising agencies says just 55% have bought connected TV for clients with interactive video buying a bit higher at 61%.

By way of comparison, almost 92% of media buyers have bought pre-roll video and about 91% are buying digital display.

This research comes from video technology company Innovid. The survey was conducted with 207 respondents -- 94% from media agencies and 6% from brand advertisers.

Almost 80% of those who already buy connected TV are likely to invest more in the next year; 92% say they “plan to renew” spending on interactive video in the next 12 months.

Key reasons for buying interactive include effectiveness (46%); continued testing of interactive video (43%); and higher levels of creative ad units (40%). The survey says the key measures of effectiveness for interactive video media buyers are completion rates (49%); brand engagement (47%); and viewability (43%).

Other lower-level usage of digital media formats include content marketing -- around 61% of media have bought into that at some time; interactive display, 61% and social media, 63%.



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