AOL Bakes Creative Unit 'Pictela' Into Cross-Screen Programmatic Ad Platform

AOL on Tuesday announced that it is officially retiring the Pictela brand by baking Pictela's technology into the cross-screen programmatic ad platform -- “One” -- launched earlier this year. Pictela is AOL's creative suite. It was always the plan to eventually sunset the brand name “Pictela” and integrate it into the One platform.

The company now offers a “Creative” portal inside of the larger One platform.

AOL asserts that the new Creative portal is more than just a simple integration of Pictela, however. David Miller, AOL VP, told Real-Time Daily that the portal brings together “a number of existing solutions, but also extend[s] the platform's capabilities in several key ways.”

The company notes that the now-integrated platform will be able to take one creative unit and responsively apply it to different screens and devices. This automates the “scale” part of the creative process by allowing advertisers to “create once [and] run everywhere,” per AOL.

Miller also notes that advertisers will now be able to “dynamically” change the creative of an ad depending on the user it’s being shown to by data from AOL’s data management platform (DMP).

In addition, Miller highlighted the fact that AOL has “built out the self-service aspects of the platform so advertisers can go in and run their creative campaigns directly.”

Down the road -- as soon as next quarter, to be more precise -- AOL plans to fully integrate its multi-touch attribution platform into the Creative portal, which will bring “creative-level insight into attribution data,” Miller said. “Advertisers will be able to see what specific creative assets are driving business outcomes.”

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