Nativo Guarantees Human Impressions

Amid growing awareness and concern about online advertising fraud, ad tech companies are under pressure to offer constructive solutions to the problem of “non-human traffic.”

Native advertising technology platform Nativo, which enables publishers to deliver native ads formatted to match their sites, is introducing a new guarantee that virtually all of the impressions produced by its ads are presented to real human beings.

Nativo is offering the guarantee in partnership with ad tech firm Moat, which will provide third-party verification that impressions are not generated by bots, fraudulent or otherwise.

If Nativo and Moat determine that a certain proportion of traffic was generated by bots, Nativo will deliver additional ads to make sure the advertising client achieves the desired reach with ads seen by humans beings.

According to Nativo founder and CEO Justin Choi, the human traffic guarantee formalizes a service the company was already providing in practice. Similarly, earlier this year, Nativo began offering a 100% viewability guarantee with third-party verification by Moat, formalizing an arrangement that it already provided to clients.



Choi explained: “We report back on engagement metrics, so it’s really clear to us when there’s some unusual traffic. We’ve always had to filter out sites that have excessive non-human traffic, and now, because we’re at a time when fraud and non-human traffic are top of mind, it seemed like a good idea to be explicit about what we’ve already been doing.”

Choi added that in addition to its guarantees for viewability and human traffic, Nativo also guarantees that it has a direct relationship with publishers, avoiding ad networks and other middlemen in order to provide transparency on ad placements and performance.

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