Beware Of Big Data Rabbit Holes

In this data-rich age of ours, the biggest danger is drowning in the stuff, and expending critical time and resources -- effectively chasing your own tail. That’s according to George Musi, managing partner of analytics, insights and attribution at Mindshare. “Only data related to key questions are relevant,” Musi told the crowds at OMMA Attribution on Tuesday.

Too many marketers think they should be gathering all the data they can, and then combing through it for useful insights. That, says Musi, is a recipe for disaster. “I’ve never seen it work,” he said. “You’re going to end up broken beyond repair.”

To highlight his point, Musi misattributed the quote “Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted,” to Albert Einstein… proving that even top attribution experts can miss their mark now and again.

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