Millennials' TV Viewing Favors VOD, Streaming

TV networks increasingly get a sizable piece -- almost 30% -- of their total month-long viewing of a TV program from millennials/Gen Xers’ after its live airing from video-on-demand/streamed viewing.

New data released by ABC during Advertising Week shows that 28% of prime-time viewing among 18- to-34-year-old viewers occurs from video-on-demand, from day four after a program’s live airing through day 35 -- and from day one through 35 with online streaming.

This long-term VOD/online viewing among young viewers is much higher than among older viewing groups -- 17% for viewers 18-49 and 11% for viewers 25-54. Among women 18-49, 21% of total TV viewing is from VOD/online streaming through 35 days.

Live viewing among all viewing groups for TV viewers is still the largest category: at 66% for older TV viewers 25-54 and 59% for viewers 18-49; 57% for women 18-49; and 51% for 18- to-34-year-old viewers.



Time-shifting technology for prime-time programming through DVRs and VOD makes up 20% of the total 35-day viewing period for viewers 18-49; 17% for viewers 18-34; 18% for women 18-49; and 18% for adults 25-54.

ABC’s data is from the period of Sept. 21, 2014 through May 20, 2015.

For TV, ABC used Nielsen adult 18-49 average audience. For online, data came from Uplynk/Hulu/FreeWheel, based on average minutes viewed, Nielsen OCR and comScore for demographics, (VOD 4 days plus) Rentrak duration and a Nielsen custom study. It excludes sports programming.

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