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'Playboy' Can Drop Nudes, Experts Suggest Bottom Line Is Unaffected

The magazine's reputation, built over decades, means that 'You can take every single naked picture out of Playboy, and will you be able to sell it at Walmart?' Playboy's announcement that it will no longer print nude photos may not translate to increased sales if the publisher is banking on the mainstream market, experts say. Playboy's readership at the end of 2014 was more than 1 million and has now dropped to 800,000 -- a decline that Mr Magazine blogger Samir Husni blames Playboy's founder, Hugh Hefner.

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  1. Len Stein from Visibility Public Relations, October 16, 2015 at 9:01 a.m.

    Good idea - who needs to waste the trees on these pages. Playboy should consider adding an AR or VR layer to their soon to be somewhat clothed centerfolds. Bet that would spur sales.

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