• Mediatel Laments The Sad Demise Of Johnston Press
    Mediatel arguably sums up the opinion of many today as it laments the sad news of Johnston Press, once the biggest regional newspaper in the country, being forced to look for a new owner or sell off titles. A new owner is unlikely, the site suggests, because if a suitor were out there, they would have come forward over the past year or so of the company trying to refinance.
  • Chancellor Urged To Cut VAT On Digital Publications
    The Professional Publishers' Association (PPA) is calling on the Chancellor to cut the 20% VAT on digital publications. They claim it is a "reading tax" and is unfair because it does not apply to printed titles, "Press Gazette" reports.
  • Murdoch Children In Line For $2bn Each
    It's a good time to have Rupert Murdoch as your dad. "The Guardian" estimates that each of his six children is in line for a potential $2bn payout once much of Fox is sold to Disney.
  • Eleven Sports Drops Saturday Afternoon Football Games
    Eleven Sports has bowed to pressure and will no longer show Spanish and Italian football games that break England and Scotland's ban on live broadcasts that coincide with 3pm kickoffs, "The Guardian" writes. The ban is intended to encourage fans to either play football or go to a stadium rather than watch a match at home.
  • Twitter Publishes 10 Million Russian And Iranian 'Troll Farm' Tweets
    Twitter has published 10 million tweets from more than 4,500 Iranian and Russian "troll farms" that sought to influence the UK referendum on EU membership as well as the US election, the BBC reports.
  • Inside Facebook's Fake News 'War Room'
    There's an interesting behind-the-scenes look at Facebook's election "war room" where "The Telegraph" details how employees are looking out for malicious activity while a clock ticks down to the mid-term elections.
  • GSK Moves Panadol Painkiller To WPP Team
    GSK has moved its Panadol advertising, digital, shopper activation and PR accounts into a single bespoke WPP team, "Campaign" reports.
  • British Land Hires R/GA To Take The Battle To The Property Disruptors
    Property giant British Land has appointed R/GA as its innovation and design agency. Campaign reports that the Interpublic agency has been tasked with helping its new client develop a digital experience that will help it compete with more flexible and modern office start-up.
  • 'Harmful' Breast Surgery Ads Blasted By Regulator
    Ads for breast augmentation during ITV2's hit reality show "Love Island" have been branded "harmful" and "irresponsible" by the ASA. The regulator agreed with complainants that the adverts trivialised surgery and preyed on young women's body image insecurities, according to "The Independent."
  • Customer Attitudinal Data Should Be Taken With A Pinch Of Salt
    Mediatel has an interesting read today on why marketers should treat their own surveys revealing customer attitudes with a pinch of salt. The simple reason? People lie and often give socially acceptable answers rather than reveal how they really behave.
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