• 'SEO: The Movie' Makes Number One Spot For 'SEO' Searches
    The Drum brings us the rather tongue-in-cheek announcement that a new documentary about search, "SEO: The Movie," has passed its first hurdle -- it is consistently ranking in the number one spot on a search for SEO.
  • Germany Launches Huge Fines For Illegal Content On Social
    It's not just same-sex marriage that the German parliament has voted in favour of. Its politicians have brought in a new regime under which the social media giants will be fined 50m Euros for not deleting "obviously illegal" material within 24 hours. For content where legality is less obvious, the tech giants will have a week to act, the BBC reports.
  • Instagram To Filter Out The Trolls
    Instagram will now begin blocking vile comments from trolls before they appear. According to "The Telegraph," the picture sharing social media site has used artificial intelligence to spot hateful posts and block them so they can cause no offence.
  • Government Accused Of Doing Too Little To Tackle Online Fraud
    The National Audit Office (NAO) has criticised the Government for not reacting in a "proportionate" or "effective" way to tackle cyber crime and online fraud. Sky News reports online crime is now the most reported offence in England and Wales.
  • Online Advertising Extends Its Lead Over TV In Europe
    IAB Europe figures for 2016 show that online advertising is now worth just under 42bn Euros. Netimperative reveals that within these overall figures, online advertising has extended its lead over tv to 7 billion Euros per year.
  • Trinity Mirror Warns Phone Hack Costs Are Up, Print Revenue Down
    In a trading update ahead of its six half-yearly results, Trinity Mirror has increased the cost of the phone hacking scandal to GBP35.5m and admitted that although digital revenue is growing at 5%, it is not enough to stem 12% losses in print advertising, "Press Gazette" reports.
  • Rules Get Tighter On 'Junk Food' Advertising
    New rules come into effect tomorrow banning the marketing of "junk food" on any medium that is targeted at children or where at least a quarter of the audience is likely to be children, "Campaign" reports.
  • Ocado Trials Self-Driving Delivery Van
    Online supermarket Ocado is trialling a self-driving delivery van, the BBC reports. The small vehicle has room for only 8 crates of produce and can drive at speeds up to 25mph.
  • Under-Screen Fingerprint Reader Unveiled
    Signing into mobile apps could soon take up a little less room. The BBC is reporting on an under-screen fingerprint reading technology developed by Qualcomm that would identify the user without requiring extra space be devoted to a fingerprint reader -- as is the case with Apple's current technology where the "home" button is to identify an owner.
  • BT Named As The TV And Broadband Provider Most Complained About
    In news that will not surprise many British pay tv and broadband customers, BT is the UK provider most complained about in the industry. It has four times the average level of complaints in pay tv and 50% more than the average for broadband gripes, "The Guardian" reveals.
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