• UK Start-Up Used By Universal Music Group For Native Product Placements
    Universal Music Group will allow brands such as Coca-Cola and LG to appear directly in music videos online in a bid to allow advertisers to use the same content to reach targeted audiences worldwide. The world's largest record label has joined with media agency Havas to use native advertising platform MirriAd. The UK startup's technology allows marketers to insert their brands into music videos after they have been filmed -- a move that both Universal and Havas hope will lift revenue and reach from product placement deals.
  • First Global Brand Campaign Launches 'Meet Me At Starbucks'
    Starbucks is launching its first global brand campaign to highlight the good things that happen when coffee lovers unplug smartphones and use their time in-store to connect with friends -- a move it hopes will help boost dwell time worldwide. The "Meet me at Starbucks" drive is the first time the coffee business has attempted to convey the values of the brand on this scale. It plays on the idea that while many of its customers are digital-savvy, sometimes the best way for them to connect to one another is face to face.
  • Amazon Named Number One For Personalisation By Four In Five UK Shoppers
    Four out of five (82 percent) UK consumers said that no company offers the same levels of Web personalisation as Amazon. The 2014 Consumer and Marketer Personalisation Study, conducted by RedShift Research found that 34 percent of retailers thought brand reputation was the most important factor when consumers choose a retailer and just 2 percent named personalisation. However, 31 percent of consumers said they would be more likely to make purchases if they were offered personalised experiences.
  • Ryder Cup Achieves Record Level Of Social Following - BMW Dominates Sponsor Mentions
    Golf's prestigious Ryder Cup saw its highest online traffic ever, receiving 162,000 mentions on social media in the last week, according to a report from social media monitoring group Brandwatch. The firm gathered data on the social media usage surrounding the event and found that 79 percent of sentiment was positive for the event, whereas just over a fifth was negative. Of the tournament's top five sponsors, BMW was mentioned over 450 times, followed by EY, Johnny Walker, Rolex and in last place Standard Life.
  • Osborne Vows To Tackle Google On Tax
    Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne has reportedly announced that the government will be clamping down on tax avoidance by technology companies. The move, which has been dubbed the "Google tax," is being seen as a response to a corporate tax strategy known as the "double Irish." MP and chair of the House of Commons public accounts committee Margaret Hodge claimed that despite Google having an $18bn turnover between 2006 and 2011, it paid the equivalent of just $16m in UK taxes.
  • Bauer Takes Magic National
    From January 2015, Magic will broadcast nationally from London on the national DAB multiplex. Bauer Media is planning to triple its marketing budget for the Magic brand following the launch. Bauer Media's Place network of 16 regional stations, including Key 103 in Manchester and Clyde 1 in Glasgow, will maintain their local brands and continue to have their "Your music your life" brand positioning.
  • Most CMOs Do Not Know They Are Using Programmatic
    Only a third of marketers are aware that their digital advertising activity involves programmatic trading, according to figures released by the CMO Club. In a survey of 225 senior-level marketers, the majority said they were only somewhat or "not at all familiar" with the concept of programmatic trading, while three-quarters of respondents admitted they rely heavily on their agencies for digital campaign optimisation. This means that programmatic strategies could be in use without clients' knowledge, according to the report.
  • Facebook Claims Atlas Will Solve 'Cross Device Problem'
    Facebook is claiming it has solved the "cross device problem" for marketers with the launch of a new advertising platform that it says will help brand marketers target ads to people across devices, platforms and publishers. Facebook's rebuilt Atlas service claims to offer marketers a way of seeing which online campaigns -- on its site and others and on any device -- Facebook users have seen and acted upon. The social network already offered marketers tracking on its own site across devices but not elsewhere.
  • Comparethemarket Says Facebook Premium Video Ad Campaign Successful
    Facebook's first UK Premium Video advertiser Comparethemarket.com has said it is prepared to use the format again after its first campaign, which ran at the end of August, achieved better than expected lifts in brand metrics. The ads were designed to build affection for a new meerpup character and drive desire for consumers to take out an insurance policy in order to redeem the toy. Premium Video ads work across desktop and mobile and play automatically without sound as a user scrolls through their News Feed.
  • John Lewis Invests GBP100k In Beacon Technology Start-Up
    John Lewis has chosen "micro-location" mobile start-up Localz as the winner of its JLab incumbator scheme and will invest GBP100,000 into developing the service in the UK. Localz technology is designed to make the shopping experience easier for customers, with the ability to automatically trigger their Click & Collect orders as they enter a shop or help customers navigate their way around stores based on a wish list. John Lewis will now help develop its technology and prepare to launch live trials in-store.
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