• Creatives And Senior Ad Execs Disagree On The Loss Of Cookies
    "Netimperative" is reporting on new research that shows while 25% of senior advertisers believe the loss of third-party cookies will be negative, 0% of creatives agree.
  • Archant To Ask For Donations To Keep Local Papers Running
    Local newspaper group Archant is poised to ask online readers to pay for access through a donation scheme similar to the way "The Guardian" operates, according to "Press Gazette."
  • WPP Unveils GBP2bn Of Savings To Tackle COVID-19 Downturn
    WPP has unveiled a GBP2bn savings plan which includes canceling this year's dividend, cutting top executives' pay by 20% and stopping a share buy-back scheme, "The Guardian" reports. Staff pay increases are also postponed and a hiring freeze has been announced.
  • Facebook's AR Glasses Technology Will Be Provided From Devon
    One of Britain's oldest technology companies, Devon-based Plessey, has had its wearable technology bought by Facebook for use in AR glasses, "The Telegraph."
  • RT Loses Appeal Against Ofcom Fine Over Its Skripal Poisoning Coverage
    RT has lost its appeal against a GBP200,000 fine for breaking impartiality rules over its reporting in 2018 of the poisoning of former Russian spy Sergei Skripal in Salisbury, "Press Gazette" confirms.
  • UK Ad Market To Decline 50% In April
    There is no sugar-coating today's stark warning from the ad execs today that the ad market will halve in April. "Campaign" is reporting on conversations it is having with senior executives across the industry and all agree that "it's a car crash."
  • COVID-19 Misinformation Sites Monetised By Google
    "Press Gazette" reveals new research has found Google is inadvertently monetising fake COVID-19 news by allowing advertising to run alongside misinformation.
  • Marketers Must Listen To The COO
    "Marketing Week" has some unusual advice for marketers. For once, the site is suggesting, they must listen to the COO because in this time of crisis, supply is trumps demand every time.
  • Government Unit Finds COVID-19 Fake News Read More Than NHS Content
    A fact-checking unit set up by the Government is tackling ten or more new articles featuring misinformation on COVID-19 and, "The Guardian" reveals, some of the most salacious are getting read more than official NHS content.
  • Deliveroo To Deliver Free Meals To NHS Workers
    Deliveroo is to offering NHS workers GBP500,000 worth of free meals and appeal to its users to donate money to buy more food for key workers, "Sky News" reports.
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