• Snapchat -- Where Are The Influencers?
    Snapchat's charm offensive on advertisers isn't slowing down, but despite this the app has remained uncluttered by influencer endorsements. As its parent company hurls toward an IPO, will the platform become more populated with internet superstars or remain true to its ethos of authenticity?
  • Businesses Call For EU Rules To Be Maintained
    Businesses are calling for European Union regulations to remain in place to minimise the cost and disruption of Brexit, according to a report by the British Chambers of Commerce. They also call on the government to consider a transitional arrangement with the EU if concluding both the exit negotiations and the future trade relationship with the single market proves impossible.
  • Mess With Brands At Your Peril, Premier Foods Warns
    "The temptation when you start working on a brand is to try to make your mark and change everything. But I'll never forget what my first general manager at P&G told me: 'Our job is to carefully shepherd the brands forward and hand them over to the next generation -- not change them beyond all recognition.'" says Helen Warren-Piper, marketing director of the grocery division at Premier Foods.
  • O2 Considers Ad-Blocking Option If Users Feel 'Plagued By Advertising'
    O2 is considering giving its users "more control" to reduce the number of ads they see on their mobile devices in a move that could encourage ad blocking. Mark Evans, the chief executive of O2, Britain's second biggest mobile operator, said at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona that users should have the right to block ads if they feel "plagued by advertising."
  • BA Brand Gets Top UK Consumer Ranking
    In a time of turbulence, British consumers seem to be opting for tried and true brands, with British Airways leading Superbrands' rankings for the fourth year running. Only four new entries -- Boots, Cadbury, Cancer Research UK, and Fairy -- appeared in the top 20 in the 22nd annual Consumer Superbrands list.
  • Telefonica Backs AI 'Brain' At Its Network's Heart
    Mobile World Congress: Telefonica is putting a "brain" in its network as it launches AI assistant Aura, but says every part of the company will need to be transformed and digitised to take advantage of the opportunity.
  • Unilever CMO Keith Weed Says Advertisers Are Confronting Viewability And Fraud
    "They say one swallow does not make a summer, but on the topic of viewability and fraud in digital advertising there seems to have been an encouraging flurry of swallows recently, and I hope we are gaining real momentum on this industry-defining issue. I for one am having an increasing volume of engaged discussions with fellow advertisers."
  • Brexit Fears See British Companies Setting Up EU Offices
    British businesses have already started setting up shadow units on the continent and shifting investment to the other side of the UK border in Ireland, according to a new report on Brexit from Britain's leading business lobby group. The British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) found that companies are guarding against the potential impact of Brexit.
  • Pearson Reports Record Loss, After Slump In The US
    Pearson has reported a pre-tax loss of GBP2.6bn for 2016, the biggest in its history, after a slump at its US education operation. The world's largest education publisher, which in January saw almost GBP2bn wiped from its stock market value after issuing its fifth profit warning in two years, reported the record loss after taking a GBP2.55bn non-cash charge.
  • Bud Light Relaunched In The UK
    Bud Light is forging a comeback in the UK, 16 years after the last attempt to introduce the US beer to the country ended in failure. The light beer went on sale in shops and pubs across the UK on Saturday. It has a much lower ABV than normal Budweiser, at 3.5%, and just 27 calories per 100ml.
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