• Programmatic Will Account For Nearly Half Of Digital Display Market This Year
    Nearly half of all digital display bought this year will be traded programmatically, according to the IAB's first Media Owner Sales Techniques Study. The research shows that last year 28 percent of display was bought programmatically, accounting for GBP500m of a total GBP1.86bn spend. More than half of all display sales (51 percent) were made directly between publishers and advertisers and a fifth were bought via ad networks.
  • Google Targets The Big Screen With Android TV Launch
    Google has announced Android TV at its I/O developer conference. The system will run on various devices, including mobile phones, tablets, games consoles and televisions. Sony, Sharp and TP Vision are to embed the necessary software in television sets. Android users will be able to run apps on the sets as well as search for content -- by keypad strokes or voice. Google is courting game developers to make apps for Android TV that can be activated on a mobile but played on a big screen.
  • No Free Lunches -- Social Needs Investment
    Forget free -- to get scale, social media needs investment, says Mondelez Europe's head of social and digital media Sonia Carter. Speaking at Marketing Week Live, Carter argued that FMCG brands should treat social as a broadcast channel rather than a tool to build advocacy or loyalty. "For many years we had the illusion that reach on social is free," she said. "We have to accept the fact that we have to pay for reach."
  • Qatar Airways Seeks Single Agency For European Media Consolidation
    Qatar Airways is seeking an agency to take on its media brief across Europe. There is no incumbent because the airline has worked with several agencies, including Starcom Mediavest, but is now looking to consolidate the brief to a single agency. The process is at the earliest stage of asking agencies to submit credentials before receiving a brief -- and is being run by procurement out of the airline's bases in London and Germany.
  • Odeon Cinemas To Trial iBeacons
    Odeon is to trial iBeacons in a bid to know more about its customers at the same time as welcoming them with special offers. Its commercial director, Andy Edge, told "Marketing Week" Live that although cinemas are normally the place where people are asked to turn off their mobile, iBeacons could offer a greeting and help customers buy tickets and confectionery. A third of its customers have signed up to its loyalty scheme, but that leaves two in three the chain wants to become more familiar with.
  • WPP's Sorrell Survives Pay Vote - But One In Four Shareholders Revolt
    A quarter of shareholders rallied against WPP Chief Executive Sir Martin Sorrell's GBP30m pay packet -- the largest of any FTSE 100 leader. However, the day was already won by Sorrell due to proxy votes cast by shareholders in advance. It avoided a repeat of a 2012 vote that went against Sorrell, forcing WPP to bring in a new formula of pay and bonuses for its top executives. The company revealed that the UK is performing well, with only a concern that a strong pound could hold back international operations.
  • Digital Overtakes Papers For News
    Digital has overtaken newspapers in how Britons find out the latest news. Ofcom figures show that 41 percent of UK adults now use digital news services compared to 40 percent and 35 percent who rely on newspapers and radio, respectively. The shift is largely due to mobile news apps, it is believed -- particularly among young adults. Six in ten 16- to 24-year-olds use news apps. TV remains dominant for three in four adults, although that drops to 56% for younger adults.
  • Real-Time Marketing Takes A Bite At Suarez
    It has proven to be the biggest talking point of the World Cup so far -- and with multiple brands focussed on the most social sporting event of all time, it will come as little surprise Suarez has been the butt of many instantly-created jokes. Paddy Power published a sticker picture of the bitten Italian defender with a bite taken out of it, Snickers claimed to be "tastier than an Italian" and JCPenney posted a "Fangs for the memories" shot of a child in a vampire outfit.
  • Shareholder Revolt Over Sorrell's Pay Expected At WPP Today
    It is D Day for Sir Martin Sorrell and his "excessive" remuneration. A shareholder rebellion is expected at today's shareholder meeting in reaction to the chief executive's pay rising from GBP17.5m to GBP30m. The "Times" is reporting the remuneration package has already been passed by proxy votes but as much as a fifth of the vote could rally against the pay plan. This could top the 18 percent of votes that were cast against Sorrell's pay a year ago.
  • Guardian For Glass Launches
    The "Guardian" is now wearable. To coincide with Google Glass becoming available in the UK, it has launched Guardian for Glass. The paper claims it offers a new way for readers to interact with its award-winning journalism. The new service offers the option of having news summaries delivered as audio and saving items to be read later on a desktop or mobile device. Editor Alan Rusbridger believes the service offers new ways for the paper to collaborate with readers around the world.
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