• What Boycott? Google Ad Revenues Soar 19% In Q1
    Despite a boycott of YouTube prompted by brand image fears, "The Times" reports today that Google's ad revenues are up 19% in Q1, from $18bn to $21.4bn.
  • P&G Unveils Strategy To Reduce Cost With Longer-Lasting Campaigns
    "Marketing Week" reports today that P&G's new strategy is to produce high-quality marketing in which a single campaign can drive growth for a full year. At the same time it will be cutting $2 billion from its marketing budget through reducing advertising costs, including addressing media inefficiencies and agency fees.
  • Real Life British 'Iron Man' Flies In To Ted
    The BBC are calling British inventor, Richard Browning, the "real life Iron Man" after he demonstrated his flying suit during the Ted conference in Vancouver, Canada, this week.
  • Just Eat Sponsors The X Factor
    Just Eat will pay GBP10m a year to sponsor The X Factor. "The Guardian" reveals the takeaway delivery brand will launch a "Chef Factor" competition to find amateur cooks to appear in idents that will be broadcast with the show. The sponsorship deal also cover the app and live annual tour.
  • WPP's Sorrell Has Pay Cut To GBP15m
    WPP is confirming today that its Chief Executive, Sir Martin Sorell, will take a major pay cut in the year ahead. "The Guardian" believes the move is intended to head off shareholder dissatisfaction with the holding group that has he most expensive executive at any FTSE100 company. The group confirms Sorrell was paid GBP20m last year but will now be paid a maximum salary of GBP15m.
  • 1 In 5 Companies Fear Closure Over GDPR Non-Compliance
    More than four in five companies worldwide have reported non-compliance with GDPR to be a major concern, according to a survey from Vertisas Technologies, featured in MarketingTechNews. As many as one in five fear that non-compliance could mean they are put out of business.
  • 'The Guardian' Ditches Facebook Instant Articles Service Over 'Woeful' Returns
    "The Guardian" is ditching the Facebook Instant Articles service due to "woeful" returns, "Press Gazette" reports. The site believes the newspaper has decided it will be financially better off hosting its own content and serving adverts there, rather than within a faster-loading Facebook service.
  • Twitter Users Up, Revenue Down
    Good and bad news for Twitter today, reported with a positive spin by eMarketer. The site is saying Twitter is on the front foot again after a 9% boost in user numbers in Q1 and a claimed 14% rise in user activity. However, the social media giant is also reporting its first decline in advertising revenues, down 8% from the corresponding period in 2016.
  • Government Anger At Twitter User Data Policy
    The BBC reports that the UK government is protesting Twitter's decision to not allow it access to user data in terrorist investigations.
  • UK Slips To 40th Place In Press Freedom League
    The Reporters Without Borders organisation has announced the UK has slipped to number forty in its press freedom league. "The Guardian" reveals that surveillance laws and proposals for a new espionage act are behind the slip down the table.
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