• UK Leads The EU In Start-Up Success
    "The Telegraph" brings news today that the UK start-up scene is raising more finance and producing more exits than any other country in the EU.
  • Burberry Appoints New CMO
    Burberry has a new CMO. According to "The Drum," Rod Manley will replace his sister, moving over to London from New York where he has held senior marketing positions with Calvin Klein.
  • Channel 4 Row With Publicis Media Could Cost GBP210m
    Channel 4 is in a standoff with many huge advertisers, such as P&G, GSP and Samsung, over the cost of advertising on the tv channel. "The Guardian" estimates the row with Publicis Media could see station lose up to GBP210m worth of advertising.
  • Russia Today Guilty Of Breaking Impartiality Rules
    Russia Today has broken rules on impartiality seven times in six weeks, according to an investigation by Ofcom. "Press Gazette" reveals that the investigation focussed on the aftermath of the Salisbury novichok attacks.
  • 'Unpredictions' For 2019
    "The Drum" features a series of "unpredictions" in which marketing thinkers list the big predictions that others are making which they think are just plain wrong. For example, we have question marks over the transformative power of voice and the overreliance on mega influencers, which are pinpointed as being overhyped.
  • 'Der Spiegel' Admits Top Writer Made Up Stories
    The highly respected German news magazine "Der Spiegel" (meaning The Mirror) has had to confess one of its well-known journalists has been fabricating stories and interviews for years, "The Guardian" reports.
  • 'Marketing Week' Rounds Up Predictions For 2019
    It's the time of year for predictions, and so "Marketing Week" has combined forecasts for 2019 from senior marketers at Sainsbury's, Direct Line, Argos, Salesforce, Kodak and Debenhams in one article.
  • MPs Call For A Facebook Anti-Trust Investigation
    MPs are calling for Facebook to face an anti-trust case over its handling of customer data, "The Telegraph" reports. Damian Collins, the Chair of the Department of Culture, Media and Sport committee, has accused the social media giant of giving "misleading" answers to parliament and has called, again, for Mark Zuckerberg to attend a hearing so clarification can be sought.
  • Top Ten Marketing Fails Of 2018
    Netimperative has published its Top 10 marketing fails of 2018, including the Conservative Party's data fail that published the personal details of its conference app users, Doritos launching "lady-friendly" crisps, and that Russian guy in a suit pretending to be a robot.
  • AA Welcomes Skills-Based Immigration System
    "The Drum" reports that the Advertising Association has mostly welcomed the immigration white paper published by the government yesterday which is largely aimed at attracting skilled workers earning GBP30,000 or more per year. However, that figure has now been put out to UK business leaders for consultation, and many believe it is set too high.
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