• Do Boris' Facebook Ads Show He Is On Election Footing?
    Most political commentators agree that Boris Johnson realises he will soon call a general election, due to a majority of just two MPs. The Guardian brings news that they could be right. The paper has spotted that the Conservative Party is trialling variations of Facebook ads featuring the new PM with a view, presumably, to seeing which work best with the public.
  • Diageo Increases Marketing Budget By 8%
    Diageo has reveals it has increased its advertising budget by 8%. "Campaign" reveals it has focussed more spend on its beer and gin brands in Europe as a result. The figures were released as the company announced global sales for the past year are up 6%.
  • P&G Will Not Go Down Holding Company Route
    P&G has told "Campaign" that it will continue to work with individual agencies and will not follow Unilever in working solely within the confines of a holding company.
  • Vice UK Journalists Get Union Recognition
    It has taken four months of negotiations, but "Press Gazette" now reports Vice UK journalists have managed to achieve union recognition at the business.
  • Mobile Drives European Advertising Growth
    Digital is the driving force behind growth in European advertising and according to IAB Europe figures, mobile marketing accounted for nearly a half of the new revenue spend on digital in 2018, "Mobile Marketing" reports.
  • Unilever Gets ROI Boost From Programmatic
    Unilever tells "Marketing Week" that it is seeing some great ROI results through data-driven marketing and programmatic advertising, but admits it can be tough to hire the best people with the right skills.
  • ITV Ad Revenue Drop Not As Bad As Feared
    "The Times" is reporting that investors have reacted well to ITV reporting that advertising income is down 5% during the first half of the year. Apparently, analysts had feared the broadcaster would see a greater loss in ad revenue, and so the shares increased more that 6% on the news.
  • Half Of Brits Get Their News Through Social
    "Press Gazette" is reporting on Ofcom figures which reveal half of UK adults -- 49% -- are getting their news through social media. Half of the adult population is also getting their news from newspapers.
  • Did FTC Give Zuckerberg A 'Get Out Of Jail Free' Card?
    As Facebook pays a $5bn fine for privacy violations, Mark Zuckerberg has not faced any personal sanction. "The Telegraph" asks the question -- did the FTC just give the Facebook founder a "Get Out Of Jail Free" card?
  • O2 Will Be Only 5G Network Not Using Huawei Kit
    O2 will be the last of the UK's mobile phone operators to start switching on 5G this October in a rollout expected to reach most major cities and towns by the summer of 2020. However, the BBC points out, it is also the only network that does not use Huawei equipment.
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