• Britain's GBP4bn Loyalty Penalty Under Investigation
    The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) is to investigate utility firms for costing loyal Britons GBP4bn per year. "Sky News" reveals a 'super complaint' from Citizens Advice claims broadband, mobile, electricity and gas companies punish loyal customers by not passing on better deals.
  • Julian Assange Resigns From Wikileaks
    Julian Assange has stepped down as Wikileaks editor after losing access to the internet at the embassy for Ecuador in London, where he has lived for the past six years, "Press Gazette" reports.
  • Battle Of The New Channel Logos
    "The Guardian" is weighing up how well BBC Two and Channel 4 have done in a week when both unveiled new logos. Ultimately, it suggests, we will not know how well they have gone down with the public until they are replaced a few years down the line.
  • Sorrell's S4C Floats Today
    "The Drum" names today as the day we find out what investors think of Sir Martin Sorrell's plans for his new agency, S4C, as it floats on the London Stock Exchange.
  • Elon Musk Charged With Securities Fraud
    "The Telegraph" chronicles the recent run of bad days for Elon Musk that have led to him to be charged for securities fraud after claiming he had funding to take Tesla private. The latest development could see Musk barred from the board of the electric car company he built.
  • Rubicon Drinks Brand Looks For A New Creative Agency
    AG Barr is seeking a new creative agency for its fruit juice brand, Rubicon. "Campaign" reveals that the process is being handled by Creative Brief.
  • Channel 4 Launches More Prominent Logo
    Channel 4 has relaunched its brand identity to feature a flat "4" logo which is to be displayed more prominently on its digital channels, such as E4 and More 4, "Campaign" reveals.
  • BBC Music And Spotify Partner For Live Event
    The BBC is partnering with Spotify on a series of live podcasts and masterclasses at BBC Music's second annual live music event in November, "Campaign" reveals.
  • Mindshare Trusts Blockchain To Understand Customer Journeys
    Its blockchain effort is untested and unproven, yet The Drum is reporting that Mindshare is adamant the new technology will help advertising agencies understand the customer journey better.
  • Snapchat's UK Ad Revenue Forecast Slashed
    eMarketer has reduced its forecast for Snapchat's UK ad revenue this year from GBP104.8m to GBP68.4m, "Campaign" reports.
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