• Lidl Calls Social Review
    Lidl has put Dentsu X on alert by calling a social media review, "Campaign" reports. The incumbent is invited to repitch for the business.
  • Top EU Lawyers Says Facebook Data Transfer Is Legal
    A top legal advisor to the EU has ruled Facebook's transfer of user data from the EU to the USA is legal, Reuters reports.
  • Gamer Loot Boxes Can Be Addictive For Children
    The Royal Society of Public Health (RSPH) has warned that some loot boxes are highly addictive for some children. "Sky News" reveals the society is concerned that the GBP700m UK market, in which games can buy unknown boxes of extra features and capabilities, are addictive for some young people.
  • ASA Reveals Children Are Exposed To Fewer Harmful Ads
    A report from the ASA reveals the number of ad a child is exposed to each week for harmful products -- including alcohol, gambling and junk food -- has reduced again in 2019, after falling in 2018, "The Drum" reports.
  • Rubicon Project and Telaria Marge To Take On The Duopoly
    "Mobile Marketing" is reporting the Rubicon Project and Telaria agreeing a merger is a bold bid on the sell side of digital advertising to take on the might of the duopoly.
  • Carlsberg's 'Probably Not' Campaign Voted The Best Of 2019
    In a tight final vote between Carlsberg and Tesco, the beer maker's "Probably Not" campaign has been named the best in 2019 by "Marketing Week." The campaign signalled a confession the brand has lost its way and set up its repositioning as a premium beer.
  • CMA Believes Digital Advertising Needs A Watchdog
    The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) says it can see a need for the digital advertising industry to have a watchdog, "Campaign" reports.
  • Sky News And Channel 4 News In Ofcom's Top 10 Complaints League
    Three episodes of "Sky News" and Channel 4 News are among the top ten most complained about programmes of the decade, Ofcom has revealed. According to "Press Gazette," these included an interview with Tommy Robinson and a quip from Channel 4 presenter, Jon Snow, that a pro-Brexit rally was overwhelming full of white faces.
  • Emily Maitlis Tells How She Scooped The Prince Andrew Interview
    Emily Maitlis reveals the story being getting 'that' interview with Prince Andrew in "The Guardian" today. She reveals the answer to everyone's question was that, as she sat down to start the interview, her main feeling was one of relief. She had half expected it would be cancelled.
  • Voice Assistants To Work To A Common Standard
    Siri, Google and Alexa could all start talking to one another soon. City A.M. reveals the tech giants are talking to one another to devise a common standard so apps can work across the different platforms.
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