• Online Fashion Sales Growth Stalls
    It isn't just the high street that is struggling -- online fashion growth has also stalled, according to the latest figures from Kantar. In the quarter ending at the start of June, sales growth was at just 0.8%, compared to 8% the year before, "The Times" reports.
  • Inquiry Launched Into Sale Of Stakes In Newspapers To Saudi-Linked Investor
    The Culture Secretary has announced a full inquiry into the sales of 30% stakes in "The Independent" and "Evening Standard" to an investor with strong links to Saudi Arabia, "The Guardian" reports.
  • British Designer Of The IPhone To Leave Apple
    Sir Jony Ive is leaving Apple. The famous British designer, who helped created the iPhone, iPad and iMac, will set up his own business with Apple as his first client, the BBC reports.
  • Government Likely To Allow Joint Newsrooms At 'The Times' And 'The Sunday Times'
    The Government has let it be known it is likely to agree to News UK sharing resources between "The Times" and "The Sunday Times," "Press Gazette" reports. The two titles were only allowed to be bought by Rupert Murdoch so long as they were run entirely separately. News UK has been requesting that this requirement be lifted, although it is committed to separate editors.
  • Google Maps Update Offers Public Transport Congestion In 3 UK Cities
    Google Maps is set to launch an update that predicts how busy trains and buses are likely to be, based on past rides. "The Telegraph" reports that the new feature will first be launched for London, Edinburgh and Cardiff, with several other UK towns and cities earmarked for a subsequent rollout.
  • Press Association Rebrands To PA Media
    The Press Association, or PA, has rebranded to PA Media to reflect its digital transformation, "Press Gazette" reveals. In addition to the rebranding, the company now also has a new logo.
  • London Start-Up Central To Facebook Libra Plans
    "The Telegraph" has the inside story today about how a tiny start-up from University College London (UCL) ended up being snapped up by Facebook without anyone noticing. The cryptocurrency start-up, Chainspace, is now central to Facebook's proposed Libra project.
  • Gender Stereotyping Worse In Britain Than America, Women Reveal
    Just as the ad rules in the UK have been changed to ban stereotyping, research from Adobe, reported on in Netimperative, shows that women in Britain (76%) are far more likely than their American counterparts (55%) to feel their gender is portrayed in a stereotypical way.
  • Children Want To Wipe Social Profiles Clean At 18
    Research from the London School of Economics calls on the Government to consider allowing children to wipe clean their social media profiles when they reach 18, "The Telegraph" reports. The research shows youngsters trust the tech giants, but there is a popular call for them to be allowed to begin their social media lives afresh once they leave school or college.
  • Grant's And Tullamore Dew Pick Uncommon For Creative
    Uncommon Creative Studio has picked up the global creative brief for Tullamore Dew and Grant's whisky brands, "Campaign" reports.
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