• New Assange Charges Raise Major Legal Questions For Americans
    "The Guardian" takes a look at how the latest charges to be brought against WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange, under the Espionage Act will see America entered unchartered territory with the possibility of a law devised to protect government secrets is pitted against the first amendment right of free speech, for the first time.
  • Facebook Culls 3 Billion Fake Accounts
    Facebook has announced that in the six months running up to the end of March it deleted three billion fake accounts. The BBC reveals, as one might expect, this is a record number.
  • Kinetic's New CEO Named
    Alistair MacCallum has been named as the new CEO of WPP's outdoor agency, Kinetic. Mediatel reveals that he will make the switch from M/Six to replace Stuart Taylor who is retiring.
  • Uber Launches Bike Service In London
    Uber has launched a new bicycle service in London, City AM reveals. The new service has started off with 350 bikes in Islington, which cost GBP1 to unlock and 12p per minute to ride after an initial free period of five minute
  • FBI Seeking LVMH Help In US Media-Buying Investigation
    Luxury brand owner LVMH has been issued a subpoena by the FBI in relation to an investigation into media-buying practices, "Campaign" has revealed. There is no suggestion of wrongdoing on the part of the company, but the site believes it shows investigators believe LVMH may able to help the investigation.
  • Suzuki Appoints Iris
    Suzuki has appointed Iris as its lead strategy and creative agency after a split with Red Brick Road, "Campaign" reports. Iris is already working on Suzuki's social and digital accounts.
  • Publicis To Launch Marcel In The UK Next Month
    It would appear the knowledge economy is set to land at Publicis in June. According to "Campaign," the company will launch its AI platform, Marcel, which will allow 5,000 UK members of staff to tap into knowledge held by fellow employees across the group globally.
  • Sky's Chief Exec Calls On Social Media To Protect Journalists
    Sky's Chief Executive, Jeremy Darroch, insists social media platforms must do more to protect journalists from the vile comments and threats they receive on their platforms, "Press Gazette" reports.
  • 'Jeremy Kyle' Cancellation Leaves ITV With An GBP80m Advertising Black Hole
    It's the sum everyone has been waiting for someone else to do. "Campaign" reports that the impact of cancelling "The Jeremy Kyle Show" will be roughly GBP80m per year in lost ad revenue. That is for ITV and does not include additional earnings on the channel's repeat station, ITV2.
  • Change UK Only Big-Spending Party On EU Election Facebook Ads
    Most parties have not bothered spending large sums on ads ahead of today's EU elections in the UK but Change UK stands out for spending GBP87,000 over the past week, until yesterday. "The Guardian" positions the campaign as possibly an attempt to counter poor polling figures.
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