• 29% Of Brits Do Not Know What GDPR Is
    It may comes as a surprise but there are still, apparently, 59% of the UK population who are not aware of the new powers GGDPR gives them over how companies process their personal information. "Mobile Marketing" reports on research that shows a staggering 29% of Brits claim to have no idea what GDPR is.
  • Election Reporting Laws Pose Conundrum For UK TV News
    "The Guardian" is outlining the problems facing media organisations in the UK as the country votes in the EU elections that were never supposed to happen. Broadcasters, in particular, are in a grey area of not being permitted to cover party political issues during an election and yet there a fracture in Theresa May's cabinet as MPs plot to remove her.
  • Google Faces GDPR Probe On Personalised Ads
    This was a GDPR birthday celebration Google could have done without. The Irish Data Protection Commission (DPC) has launched a probe into the methods used by Google to personalise ads to ensure they are compliant with the new Regulation introduced a year ago, the BBC writes.
  • TfL To Use Wi-Fi To Understand Footfall Better
    TfL will use de-personalised wi-fi tracking at underground stations which offer connectivity to follow user movements around stations and to better calculate footfall, "The Drum" writes.
  • 500 Far-Right Hate Accounts Discovered On Facebook
    Campaign group Avaaz has told "The Guardian" it has uncovered 500 Facebook accounts being used by the far right to spread hate across the the EU and voters prepare to cast their ballots in this week's EU elections.
  • PepsiCo Media Director Encourages Brands To In-House And Upskill
    "Campaign" reveals that Josep Hernandez, senior director of media and total connections planning at PepsiCo, has told delegates at a London conference they should not be fearful of in-housing but instead think of it as an opportunity to upskill staff to create an internal, transparent digital marketing team that offers better value on media budgets.
  • Teens In Charge For Today's 'Daily Mirror'
    "The Daily Mirror" has allowed teens to edit today's edition, focussing on a front-page story to end online cruelty, "Press Gazette" reveals.
  • EE To Launch 5G In Six Cities Next Week
    "The Mirror" is reporting EE is due to unveil a 5G network in five UK cities on May 30th, beating Vodafone "to the punch" by a matter of a few weeks. London, Cardiff, Belfast, Edinburgh, Birmingham and Manchester are the first cities to get mobile speed boosts.
  • Gen Z Believe 'Intrusive' Digital Advertising Will Not Improve
    The company behind AdBlock Plus has commissioned research from YouGov which shows half of 18- to-24-year-olds believe advertising will continue to be "invasive" in the future and only a third believe sites will create better ways to display advertising, according to Netimperative.
  • Mastercard Sponsors Arsenal Women FC
    Mastercard is tapping into the popularity of women's football by announcing major sponsorship deals of both Arsenal and Olympique Lyonnaise, "The Drum" reports.
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