• Snapchat Signs Up New British Publishers
    "Mobile Marketing" is reporting a spike in uptake of Snapchat's Discovery short-form video service. Seventeen new British publishers have recently committed to the platform including short series produced by "The Guardian," "Sky News" and "Vice."
  • Zuckerberg Urged Again To Testify On Fake News To MPs
    Mark Zuckerberg has again been invited to give evidence to MPs investigating fake news. City AM reports that the Facebook founder is being urged to take up this "historic opportunity" to answer questions on November 27th after failing to appear in April.
  • Ogilvy UK Offers Voluntary Redundancy
    Ogilvy UK has offered staff the option to take voluntary redundancy. "Campaign" reports that the company is not positioning this as a cost-saving exercise, but rather a way to allow people who joined before recent structural changes to leave.
  • ISBA And IAB UK Concerned Digital Services Tax Could Hamper Investment
    Industry organisations, including ISBA and the IAB UK, are raising concerns that the Chancellor's new 2% Digital Services Tax could hamper investment in the UK's digital economy, "Campaign" writes.
  • Are FMCG Brands Powerful Enough To Raise Prices?
    "Marketing Week" asks an interesting question today. After years of keeping prices low, it is reporting that FMCGs are trying to leverage their brand names by raising prices. The question is, are those names respected enough to prevent consumers from switching?
  • 'The Telegraph' Names GDPR As One Reason For Facebook's Slowing Growth
    Facebook is losing European users as its growth cools down, "The Telegraph" writes today. As the social media giant publishes global figures, the paper points out that Facebook has lost a million daily active users since the introduction of GDPR.
  • Tech Giants Seek Clarity On Chancellor's New Tax
    The Chancellor's vow for the UK to go it alone with a Digital Services Tax of 2% has led to a call from the tech giants for more clarity, "The Guardian" reports. Microsoft, Facebook and Google told a hearing at the House of Lords that they needed to have more detail and an assurance the tax was a stop-gap until there was a wider consensus from other countries on taxing the tech giants.
  • Halloween Spending Up 5% This Year
    Research from Mintel suggests that Britons will spend GBP419m this year on Halloween, "Sky News" reports. This a 5% increase on last year and shows, the news site suggests, that the date is now firmly established as a big spending event in the UK. Last year one in two people spent money on Halloween celebrations.
  • Iceland Takes Advertising In-House
    Iceland, the frozen supermarket chain, has announced it is taking its advertising in-house after splitting with Karmamara after seven years, "Campaign" reports.
  • Uber Appeals Holiday Pay Ruling For Drivers
    Uber is continuing a long-running legal case in London today as it disputes a previous ruling that its drivers are entitled to holiday and sick pay, the BBC reports. The case is expected to last two days.
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