• Keith Weed Calls For Adland To Rebuild Trust
    Advertising Association President and Unilever marketing boss Keith Weed has announced the association is to publish a policy paper focussing on how to build trust with consumers. "Campaign" reveals the five-step plan will focus on making people feel less bombarded by advertising and highlighting self-regulation, among other factors.
  • Talkradio Could Be Sanctioned By Ofcom Over Novichok Phone-In
    "Press Gazette" reports that Ofcom is considering sanctioning Talkradio for a show in which former MP, and phone-in host George Galloway mocked people calling in to counter his repeatedly stated view that Russia was not behind the Novichok poisonings in Salisbury last year.
  • Television Advertising's Reach To Drop As Tipping Point Looms
    "The Guardian" quotes research today that suggests declining tv audiences will soon make television too expensive for the reach it offers, particularly among 16- to-35-year-olds.
  • MPs Call For Social Media To Better Protect Children
    Parliament's Science and Technology Committee has concluded that social media companies have a duty of care to children and should be regulated to ensure they meet it, the BBC reports.
  • Mystery Offshore Fund Takes 20% 'Evening Standard' Stake
    The "Evening Standard" owner, Evgeny Lebedev, is refusing to name to whom he has sold a fifth of the company that owns London's well-known evening newspaper. "The Guardian" reveals the purchase was made by an offshore fund and Lebedev is not commenting on rumours concerning who ultimately owns the 20% stake, which comes with the right to appoint two directors.
  • Record Facebook Profits Despite Privacy Concerns
    Despite a year of scandal, Facebook profits are at an all-time high of GBP5.3bn in the last quarter of 2018, "Sky News" reports.
  • GoCompare Seeks Creative Agency
    GoCompare is on the lookout for a new creative agency, "Campaign" reports. The comparison website had worked with Fold7 until "creative differences" saw them split in 2015, heralding the return of Gio Compario, the iconic opera singer character.
  • EU Commissioner Blasts Facebook As 'Patchy' On Fake News
    Ahead of May's EU elections, for which Facebook has promised to clamp down on fake news, EU Commissioner Sir Julian King has accused the social media giant of being "patchy, opaque, and self-selecting" when it comes to tackling misinformation, "The Guardian" reports.
  • Unilever Looking To Share New Cross-Media Analytics Approach
    Unilever is testing out a new cross-media analytics methodology which it believes can help ensure the maximum reach without duplication. "The Drum" reveals it has been testing out the system with Facebook, Google, Twitter and Kantar Research to see if it offers an improvement and now wants other brands to adopt the new approach to see if it works for them.
  • BBC Rejects Research Suggesting Radio 5 Is Light On News
    A row has erupted over research from the University of Kent, partly funded by News UK, which claims just under half of BBC Radio 5's output is news- and current affairs-related. According to Press Gazette, Ofcom stipulates the figure should be 75%, but the BBC has dismissed the findings, pointing out the research has been funded by Talksport's parent company.
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