• BuzzFeed Founder Says Facebook Should Pay For News
    BuzzFeed founder Jonah Peretti has added his voice to media owners who believe Facebook should pay more to place quality journalism in its news feeds, "Press Gazette" reports.
  • Co-Op And Costa Open Up Shop On 'Coronation Street'
    "Campaign" is revealing that in ITV's biggest product placement deal to date, the Co-Op and Costa will open storefronts on "Coronation Street" in the spring. Zenith and Rocket negotiated the deal.
  • Nissan Europe's CMO Leaves After Just 10 Months
    Nissan Europe's CMO, Philippe Saillard leaves his post today just 10 months after accepting the role. "Campaign" confirms that Ken Ramirez will become senior vice president for sales and marketing starting tomorrow. Saillard has been at Nissan for 12 years, and no reason is given for his sudden departure other than that he will pursue "other professional challenges."
  • The BBC Women Group Does Not Trust Corporation's Gender Bias Report
    The BBC Women Group has declared they have no faith in yesterday's report that claimed to have found no evidence of gender bias in its pay structure, "The Guardian" reports. The group of 170 women represents broadcasters and producers, who have accused the BBC of commissioning a report that has told it exactly what it wanted to hear.
  • UK Ad-Spend Growth Still Strong
    Research from Warc and the Advertising Association shows that UK ad spend rose 3.5% year-on-year in third-quarter 2017 to reach GBP5.4bn -- the seventeenth quarter of growth in a row, "The Drum" reports.
  • M&S To Close 14 Stores After Bad Christmas
    M&S, arguably Britain's best-known chain store, will shut down 14 stores and cut hundreds of jobs, the BBC is reporting. This follows a disappointing Christmas period, which saw poor performance in both fashion and food.
  • A Year On, Has The Industry Reacted Well To P&G's Marc Pritchard's Damning Criticisms?
    A year on from P&G's Marc Pritchard making that speech about digital transparency and "Campaign" is on hand to take a look at how things are improving. Industry experts mark their own industry down on fraud and third-party metrics but believe better progress is being made with viewability and transparency.
  • Female Broadcasters Tell BBC They Want Equal Pay, And Back Pay
    Female BBC producers and broadcasters are demanding an apology from bosses and a pay raise, with back pay, to bring them to parity with male colleagues, "The Guardian" is reporting.
  • More Brits Watch The News Than Tune In To Piers Morgan And Trump
    More people tuned in to watch the regular news bulletin on BBC1 than chose to watch Piers Morgan's scoop interview Donald Trump, "The Guardian" reveals.
  • BuzzFeed Scoop Reveals Damning Government Report On Brexit
    Hats off to BuzzFeed for the scoop of the year so far. It has received a leaked Whitehall report which suggested that, whichever the route Brexit takes the country, the UK will be worse off. The report was not for publication because, the site reports, an insider reveals the Government felt it would be highly embarrassing.
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