• 'Wall Street Journal' Closes European Print Edition
    News Corp is scrapping the European print edition of "The Wall Street Journal" to focus on digital revenues over print, "Press Gazette" reveals.
  • TV Ads Receive More Complaints Than Online
    TV ads receive the most complaints, with online advertising a close second, ASA figures reported in "The Guardian" reveal. The most complained-about recent television ad is MoneySupermarket's twerking man, Match.com's lesbian kiss is in second, and in third we have a mum taking her grieving son to McDonald's to talk about his dead dad's favourite burger.
  • Government Clarifies Social Media Rights For Teenagers
    The government has produced guides to help children know their rights on social media sites, the BBC reports. The simple, jargon-free guides explain how teens and children can use the likes of Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat while knowing what they have signed up to -- something missing from long-winded, complex terms and conditions pages.
  • Cristiano Ronaldo Stars In New Fifa 18 'Tornado' Ad
    As Fifa 18 is released today, a new tv ad by Adam & Eve/DDB for EA Sports is due to break. "Campaign" reveals it will feature a new skill created by a gamer which goes viral until Ronaldo takes to the pitch in real life and recreates the "Tornado" move.
  • UK Ripe For ESports Growth
    A YouGov poll is showing the UK market is ripe for growth in eSports, eMarketer reports. The growing entertainment sector of watching other people play computer games is something 35% of Brits are aware of, and of those who know about the niche, 20% have watched eSports.
  • Philips Reworks Media Strategy To Boost Efficiency
    Philips has been telling "Marketing Week" about its new media strategy, which has seen it bring much of its data management and brand safety work in-house. The company is also bringing media partners in at earlier stages of a campaign's lifecycle so they can be involved more heavily in creative.
  • Paddy Power Breaks Betting Ranks With GBP10 Stake Proposal
    Bookmaker Paddy Power, which often courts controversy in an eternal bid to make the news headlines, is coming out in favour of troubled gamblers. In the midst of an industry debate about lowering the maximum stake people can place on gambling terminals inside betting shops, it is the first to say such bets should be limited to just GBP10, Sky News reveals.
  • London's Tech Hub Is The Most Expensive In The World
    London's silicon roundabout has been declared the most expensive tech hub in the world, "The Telegraph" reveals. Rents in the Shoreditch area of London are now higher than Los Angeles, San Francisco and Dublin, the paper reveals.
  • BBC Attacked From The Left And The Right, Nick Robinson Warns
    Nick Robinson, former political editor of the BBC, will warn tonight that an army of new news sites are waging war on the corporation, "The Guardian" reveals. They tend to be left- or right-wing sites. As an example, he will use the soon-debunked story from The Canary of his successor, Laura Kuenssberg, being a speaker at the Conservative Party Conference.
  • Could Selfies Be Going 3D?
    Researchers at Kingston and Nottingham Universities have created an app that allows users to create 3D selfies, "The Mirror" reports.
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