Pivot Taps Pinterest To Promote 'Human Resources'

Pivot, a cable and online network owned by Participant Media that focuses on social issues, turned to Pinterest to promote the second season of “Human Resources,” an original unscripted reality-comedy series that follows the employees of TerraCycle, a company that figures out ways to recycle stuff ranging from coffee brewing capsules to cigarettes.

To promote the premiere episode of the second season, Pivot’s media agency RPA collaborated with Adaptly and Pinterest to run Promoted Pins inspired by the series, showing Pinterest users how they can turn a variety of household and consumer junk into crafts like jewelry, home goods and gifts.

The Pinterest campaign used the social scrapbooking site’s Guided Search function to reach the millennial target audience across categories including eco-friendly themes, recycling and “upcycling,” and projects for kids. The Pins aligned the show’s core message of creative recycling, including quirky but useful DIY projects, with Pinterest’s crafty sensibility to engage users and drive traffic to the Pivot “Human Resources” site.



To date, the Pinterest promotion has generated around four million impressions.

Pinterest’s “Guided Search” surfaces descriptive guides based on user searches to help sift the huge amount of content posted on the site, with search results including images as well as text. This process allows the user to find what they are looking for, but also to discover new ideas that may not originally have been on their radar.

On that note Pinterest has been encouraging marketers to focus on high quality images to optimize visual search, while also pushing the idea that it is now more of an image-based search and discovery engine for consumers to find products, rather than a mere social network. To bolster its visual search capabilities it acquired VisualGraph, an image recognition technology startup, earlier this year.

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