CP+B's Chuck Porter Says 'The War Is Over. PR Won'

At a recent PR Summit in Miami, CP+B Founder Chuck Porter put up a dramatic slide, and on that slide was the phrase "The war is over. PR won." This from a man who has spent his entire career in advertising. However, in his talk he was quick to highlight that much of the advertising work CP+B has done always had a heavy PR component.  

Making note on another slide that "the best buzz is free buzz," Porter listed the many PR-focused campaigns his agency created that saw great success. Most notably, he mentioned the anti-tobacco movie trailer that many people thought was for an actual movie, the fake magazines it created for Molson and the press release that asked, "What If We Stopped Selling Whoppers?" 

On that topic, Porter said: “We believe in trying to make news. People are interested in news; they are not interested in advertising. We have never started with advertising. We have always started with a different kind of idea. Sometimes it’s a press release. We draft a lot of hypothetical press releases and see what’s news." 



He also noted that his agency has 40 people (which, let's be honest, seems like a lot) who just follow trends. That trend watching resulted in dubbing the term "Netflix adultery" to describe the behavior of one spouse watching ahead after having originally promised to watch together.


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