Jimmy Dean 'Shine It Forward' Campaign Aims For Optimism

While it remains to be seen if corporate America will jump at the suggestion, the Jimmy Dean brand is calling for workers to be given Monday mornings off to "do something nice for others."

The #MondaysForGood "movement" is part of a new "Shine It Forward" campaign from Ogilvy & Mather Chicago, which marks the first Jimmy Dean marketing in a decade that hasn't featured the brand's "sun" mascot. "Shine It Forward" aims to convey the same positive attitude as the man in the sun suit by inspiring people to take small and large actions to create positive change, according to the brand. 

The maker of sausages and other breakfast products kicked off the #MondaysForGood "movement" by giving its own office employees the morning of Nov. 2 off to pack bags of food for children in need. 



Jimmy Dean's social media channels and a campaign site are featuring a 1:40 video (screen shot shown) about the #MondaysForGood concept, and encouraging workers to ask their bosses to participate on a case-by-case basis, and/or sign a petition attempting to make the first Monday in November a day when companies would participate. 

Consumers are being asked to tweet @JimmyDean using #MondaysForGood and share what they would do if given a Monday morning off to do good, and the brand's social channels will feature some of the shared do-gooders' stories. 

"Our hope is that peoples’ actions will create a positive chain reaction, turning Monday mornings into the best day of the week,” said Eric Schwartz, group VP and general manager, Jimmy Dean brand. 

The "Shine It Forward" campaign, which will roll out over through the end of 2015 and continue throughout 2016, is also launching with a 30-second TV spot, "Morning Goodness." The ad shows a man so "filled up with goodness" by eating a Jimmy Dean breakfast sandwich that he brightens the days of all he encounters on his way to work. While the anthropomorphic sun character is gone, a sun corona pops up around the heads of the players in the new commercial. 

The campaign, which will support the full Jimmy Dean products portfolio, is heavy on digital and social components, including "influencer" programs.  

It will also include print advertising, in-store marketing and PR. 

Jimmy Dean is part of Hillshire Brands, which was merged into Tyson Foods in 2014.

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