Campaign Monitor Announces New Retail-Specific Solution

Email marketing software company Campaign Monitor today announced its first industry-specific solution: Campaign Monitor for Retail. 

Campaign Monitor for Retail is "a set of best practices, tips and tricks, and product integrations into eCommerce systems," says Kraig Swensrud, CMO at Campaign Monitor. “It’s a playbook for retail companies to help them become more effective at email marketing.”

Additional features of Campaign Monitor for Retail include prepackaged email templates and marketing automation and triggers that are specifically designed for retail marketers.  

Swensrud affirms that a benefit of industry-specific solutions to email marketers is the ability to create and offer more personalized content to their customers. He says that marketers should “absolutely be data-driven” and that there is no better time to start thinking about it than the Holidays.

“This is the year of personalization,” Swensrud says. “Mass email marketing just gets the campaigns out the door, but personalized messages are more relevant and have higher open rates and sales.”

Campaign Monitor for Retail users can also choose to augment their marketing campaigns with additional sources of data from third-party eCommerce sites, such as Shopify. This enables email marketers to segment their email marketing campaigns with additional sources of data. 

Swensrud asserts that if companies do decide to pursue this feature, their data is secure, private, and not shared with any other party.    

“It’s their private data, and we treat that safely and securely,” Swensrud says. “It’s completely private. That’s a part of our DNA, our core philosophy. A belief that if you wrote your customer data, it is yours. It is never ours.”

Campaign Monitor for Retail adds to the company’s suite of products and tools for email marketing. Additional Campaign Monitor solutions include dynamic content, email automation, segmentation and trigger capabilities, and interactive analytics to measure the success of each campaign.

Swensrud says Campaign Monitor is a marketing technology company exclusively focused on the email marketing industry and has no intention to grow into an all-in-one marketing cloud solution. Instead, he says Campaign Monitor prefers to help companies of any size find a higher return on their email marketing.

“Data shows companies succeed with email marketing,” Swensrud says. “Email still has the highest ROI per dollar when compared to any other channel. It’s ubiquitous, easily understood, and easily trackable for any company, even if they don’t have the resources of a Fortune 500 company."

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