Google Brings TrueView, Shopping Videos To AdWords In Time For The Holidays

Google's holiday cheer comes wrapped in two new ad shopping video formats in AdWords. On Monday the company released TrueView for Shopping and Shopping ads on YouTube.

The TrueView for Shopping ads, which Google introduced in May, display interactive videos with shopping cards that display alongside the right rail, containing product and pricing details. Marketers can target the videos at people who have visited their site or watched their other videos, Google said.

The Shopping ads format on YouTube, similar to YouTube for Shopping Campaigns, allows marketers to overlay shopping cards on top of product videos. Viewers searching for products on YouTube can click a button at the top of the view window to see the shopping cards, which list product and pricing details. This also allows consumers to easily click through to a purchase page. The video ad formats come as a result of the integration of TrueView video ads into its core AdWords platform -- just in time for the holiday shopping season.

In a recent analysis of TrueView campaigns, 57% of campaigns saw lift in consideration and 24% saw a lift in favorability," wrote Diya Jolly, director, video ads product management, in a blog post. "In addition, 35% of campaigns saw a lift in purchase intent."



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