Meta Rolls Out Search Tool To Track Branded Content

Meta has launched a new search tool that tracks branded content campaigns. Advertisers can find the feature, Search Branded Content, in the Ads Library. 

The feature gives users the option to filter the database by platform, date range of seven days and username. Users also have an option to gain deeper insights into competitor strategies, such as details on their approach, creator-business relationships and campaign frequency.

Ads are just one way for businesses to promote a product or service on Facebook and Instagram, according to Meta’s blog post. The ads also work with content from a creator to promote something in a post, story, video or reel. 

Meta provides information about this type of content by showing a paid partnership label on the post and by including it in the Ad Library.

Businesses can use the branded content search option to find posts, stories, videos and reels on Facebook and Instagram that include a Paid Partnership. 

Meta’s decision to improve transparency around branded content campaigns comes as the European Union initiates on Friday the Digital Services Act, a regulation that puts the responsibility of security and privacy on large platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. Large platforms with more than 45 million regional users.

Meta defines branded content as ”a post, story, reel, photo, video or other content from a creator who received money or something of value from a brand partner. A creator could be an influencer, a celebrity, a public figure or a publisher. A brand partner could be a business or an advertiser.”

The company also said that anyone can search for branded content, with or without a Facebook account, but to see some branded content, you will need to confirm the age and the location of the user by logging into the person’s Facebook account, and making sure the Facebook account is in the same Accounts Center as your Instagram account.

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