Rocket Fuel's 'People-Based Marketing' Is All About The Conversation

Programmatic platform Rocket Fuel has announced a new default for its software, what it calls “people-based marketing.”

The capability launched in July, with Microsoft as one client. Now, it’s integrated into Rocket Fuel’s self-service DSP (demand-side platform).

The goal is to reduce waste and inform campaigns in real-time through a more rounded, unified view of consumers.

Rocket Fuel claims that marketers that used the technology improved direct-response performance by more than 30%, and brand campaign consumer reach by more than 50%.

What does it mean for marketers to take a human approach?

Microsoft currently uses Rocket Fuel for all its current B2B media buying. For Grad Conn, CMO of Microsoft U.S., the customer journey requires a conversation. Marketing had focused on anonymous visitors, but that data needs to connected in order to be useful, he said.



“As I’m trying to move people through a journey, from restaurant to home, they still may be having a conversation with me,” Conn said.

As consumers moves throughout the day, their profile follows them. Part of the approach is knowing what type of environment the person is in: Are they in private? Are they at work, a public space? These factors help make marketing responsive and thoughtful about the ways people want to interact with it, Conn said, adding that it’s better to coach marketers to create an end-to-end system that runs all the time.

Rocket Fuel CEO Randy Wootton said the amount of data processed and learning capabilities are the company's greatest assets, as well as the ability to keep marketing on all the time: marketing that learns.

“It’s a really big deal,” Wootton said. “We feel we’re leading the way there.”

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