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Outside Voices: I'd Like to Teach the World to Ad Block

Joe Marchese, founder of true[x], argues that ad blockers should be an industry-wide wake-up call. The situation with digital advertising is so dire that the only fix might be to reset. In a fascinating column for the WSJ, Marchese states: "I wish I could go door to door and help people install ad blockers. Door to door, like Don Draper meets Johnny Appleseed, but for ad blockers. It may sound like I’m a turncoat selling out my own profession. So before you start yelling, here’s the high-level argument: Most of what ad blockers would block was junk/fraud anyway. Digital advertising is in a crisis – or a 'subprime state,' if you will. In addition to a flood of near-valueless, low-viewability impressions, fraud is everywhere, whether as bots or ad injection. The race to the bottom seems to have reached its destination." And he doesn't end there...

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