iClick Interactive Asia Gets 'First Look' At Qzone Ad Inventory

Programmatic platform iClick Interactive Asia has partnered with Tencent Social Ads for "first look" access to the ad inventory of its Chinese social media platform, Qzone. 

Qzone, created by Chinese Internet giant Tencent in 2005, claims to see 577 million monthly active users in and around China. Other Tencent platforms include WeChat, QQ.com, QQ Games, 3g.QQ.com, SoSo, PaiPai and Tenpay.

We asked Sammy Hsieh, co-founder and CEO of iClick, to discuss the deal (his answers have been lightly edited).

RTD: Is this the first time Tencent has offered programmatic advertising on its social platforms? If so, why now?

Sammy Hsieh: This is the first preferred deal arrangement on international traffic that Tencent Social Ads has signed.  Qzone has been seeing considerable growth in terms of user base, and this is a great opportunity to manage the advertising content that is being seen.



RTD: What are your goals for the partnership?

Hsieh: QZone and iClick share the same belief that delivering the right ads to the right audience at the right time will benefit users from an enhanced browsing experience -- and [benefit] advertisers by maximizing advertising ROI. We are working together toward a programmatic approach that ensures ads are delivered with the highest accuracy and precision.

RTD: What’s the opportunity for international clients?

Hsieh: The opportunity in China is obvious. The market is huge and it is a connected society that is very comfortable interacting and making purchases through mobile devices. There is an increasing demand for a larger range of goods and services -- and positioned correctly, international brands can be very attractive. Users are interested in banking/finance, consumer goods, luxury and travel among other things -- so many needs to advertisers to meet. 

RTD: How can iClick's clients target consumers on Qzone?

Hsieh: Using our proprietary database, we are able to understand a user, their interests and their buying behavior. Matching this to our advertisers and their products or services, we are able to spot opportunities to place a message in front of a qualified lead at the most likely time to arouse interest, influence preferences and generate click-throughs.

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