Organic Valley And The Messy Side Of Holiday Baking

Last year Organic Valley worked with its new digital shop Big Spaceship to develop “Butter Season,”  an ambitious holiday campaign that featured innovative cooks. However, just a week after its launch, Organic Valley pulled the campaign. The problem -- an organic butter shortage and a concern that an ad campaign featuring lots of organic butter would be perceived as a waste.

Now Organic Valley and Big Spaceship are revisiting its Butter Season campaign with a new twist. Unlike many cooking videos, this video series shows the messy side of baking plans gone awry. The firms believe the series portrays a more realistic image of baking.

Five "Bake Like No One's Watching" videos run across Organic Valley's social channels, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube.

The videos  can also be accessed via a  landing page for Butter Season on OV's Web site. To extend campaign messaging, the videos were also cut into shorter pieces of content through cinemagraphs and GIFs.



The concept is designed to break through the holiday clutter and reach bakers who want "the best tasting desserts during the holidays,” says Joe Prota, account director, Big Spaceship. “With every brand competing for the spotlight we needed to find a different approach that really resonated with bakers.”

Big Spaceship has worked with Organic Valley for two years.
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