Smart Home Device Buyers Want Support

Although they have been tagged as one of the bright spots for the coming year in the consumer electronics sector, makers of smart home devices need to be concerned about user-friendliness if they want them to truly take off.

According to a survey conducted by, which provides tech support and support center services, nearly a third (31%) of smart home system owners struggle with the complexity of setup. In addition, 43% of potential smart home device buyers are concerned about how complex setting up the system might be. 

“Complexity is starting to impede adoption,” Alex Polous,’s vice president of marketing, tells Marketing Daily. “If we want to increase adoption, we need to look at the user experience and not just the flashy features.”



Still, 37% of current smart home device owners installed the devices themselves, and 61% want to attempt to fix the issues on their own. Providers, then, should offer an array of support options for different customers and for different stages of ownership, he says. 

“You need support that will guide you through setup and the on boarding process, and then use the systemthat will help you use it to its full potential,” Polous says. “People increasingly want to solve problems for themselves.”

About half of potential buyers (49%) are inclined to use a single providers to purchase, install and offer support for their systems (compared with 40% of current owners). Among potential buyers, 43% would be willing to pay a one-time fee for professional installation, though a similar percentage didn’t know which company is responsible for the support.

“Brands need to be very clear about what support is available and who will provide it,” Polous says.

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  1. Wayne Labs from Food Engineering Magazine/BNP Media, January 14, 2016 at 9:34 a.m.

    If brands offer remote support of these devices, what does this say about their security? How easy are they to hack?

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