How Do Service-Side Execs Cultivate Trust?

With a lack of clarity around how dollars are spent, how do  service-side execs cultivate trust?

According to Arun Kumar, global president, Cadreon, during pitch season his company started getting RFPs in which clients said, we want to work with you, but we want to understand how you're different and how you're spending money.

"They started to understand that this isn't about trading and getting the cheapest dollar," Kumar said. 

Megan Pagliuca, CEO, Accuen Media, Omnicom, echoed the value sentiment, noting, "It’s not about the lower CPM; it’s about cost per valuable impression... That’s a huge shift that needs to happen."

The exchange occurred during  "Enabling the Technology," a panel on the adoption of ad tech in the agency world held Wednesday at AdExchanger's Industry Preview.

AdExchanger managing editor Zach Rodgers
began with an introduction to the space's major talking points, including programmatic TV, ad fraud and “Pitch-palooza” -- or, the many agency reviews that happened in the past year. 



But what's to come in the next year? Mac Delaney, Merkle's head of programmatic, said agencies are realizing that they need to be integrators of technology. Kumar said he hopes that data and analytics integrations will result in more intelligent work.

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