Zvelo Will Power SpotX's Curated Marketplaces To Simplify Video Buy

Video ad platform SpotX announced a partnership with software company zvelo to power its Curated Marketplaces product.

Curated Marketplaces, which package similar videos from multiple publishers, launched in September last year. The company is currently setting up a few new marketplaces including "Premium Adventure and Sport," "Premium Food," and "Premium Music."

What's most notable about the partnership with zvelo is the list of content categories and language categorization that SpotX now can access to curate marketplaces, Kelly McMahon, the company's VP-demand operations, told Real-Time Daily. And SpotX now has more tools to selectively package inventory and make the inventory addressable via a single dealID (the unique number of an ad buy).

SpotX claims the offering will have the ability to "scale buys across publishers while at the same time ensure they’re not appearing on undesirable sites." McMahon said zvelo's categories ensure advertisements are not delivered to sites containing inappropriate content, such as "X-rated, R-rated or antisocial content." Additionally, SpotX uses third parties such as DoubleVerify to identify fraud and traffic quality issues.

zvelo claims to cover more than 99.9% of the active Web, including content and context of web pages in nearly 500 categories supporting over 200 languages.



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