Virool Says Its DMP Can Reach 450M Unique Profiles Globally

Virool, a programmatic video marketing platform, said on Wednesday that its DMP has the ability to reach more than 450 million unique profiles globally. It reached that milestone after conducting more than 75,000 video ad campaigns, according to a release.

The company also introduced an optimization engine that leverages the DMP to optimize client video campaigns to their most important key performance indicators: video metrics like click-through rates, social share rates, pricing efficiency, placement value and the all-important viewability.

Virool Chief Revenue Officer Brian Danzis shared with Real-Time Daily via email: "Third-party data is ubiquitous yet questionable. Second-party data, coming from our unique expertise on how people respond to promoted advertainment, coupled with advertiser first-party data on their own customers, ensures the right combination of audience and outcome. It represents the essence of what our programmatic platform can do for ROI-obsessed advertisers."

Virool's DMP collects, aggregates, analyzes and ultimately activates audience profiles for client video campaigns activated through Virool’s DSP. Virool uses cookie data to collect and store historical profiles across the Web that are refreshed every two months, guaranteeing the accuracy of every profile in its system.

What's new is the fact that advertisers can now combine their first-party audience data with Virool second-party data, that can be classified, segmented and layered on top of BlueKai’s third-party data for hyper-targeted audience segments. By using each data set, advertisers have the potential for richer and more actionable information for personalized video campaigns.

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