NPR Selects Triton Digital's Tap Podcast Tool To Help Monetize Podcasts

Audio tech provider Triton Digital on Monday announced that National Public Radio (NPR) selected Triton's Tap Podcast tool to help further monetize and distribute its  podcasts. Those podcasts include "Fresh Air," "Invisibilia, "wait Wait... Don't Tell Me," "TED Radio Hour" and many more.

Triton's Tap Podcast is designed to dynamically stitch pre-roll, mid-roll and post-roll audio ads directly into podcast episodes or audio files, targeting multiple podcasts at once or multiple campaigns within one podcast, according to a release. The customized platform also offers publishers analytics and forecasting tools to optimize campaign yield and effectiveness.

"We went through an intensive due diligence and beta process with NPR before they made the decision to be our initial launch partner. Obviously, given the size of NPR’s podcast offerings, they needed to insure that our offering was not only capable of handling their volume but also had the feature set they needed to optimize their business," said Dominick Milano, president of publisher development, Triton Digital, via email.



Further: "According to the 2015 Infinite Dial study, monthly audio podcast consumption grew from approximately 39 million monthly users in 2014 to approximately 46 million in 2015," Milano said in a release.  “That's nearly one in every seven Americans, and as more listeners tune in, public radio supporters are recognizing podcasts as a viable medium to reach their audience."

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