'Bloomberg Markets' Preps Relaunch

Bloomberg Markets, the business information giant’s bimonthly title targeting Bloomberg Professional and Bloomberg Terminal subscribers, is set to reveal a major revamp with its March issue, with a new format, look, and editorial approach.

The relaunch aims to position the magazine as a “Journal of Global Finance,” focused on interviews with market leaders and thoughtful analysis drawing on Bloomberg’s other information and data services.

On the design side, Bloomberg Markets will boast a bigger trim size and higher quality paper stock. Every cover will feature a portrait of a key player in the financial markets, as captured by a noteworthy artists. On the editorial side, a lengthy interview with the cover subject will anchor each issue.

For the March issue, JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon granted an unprecedented 90-minute interview to Bloomberg News editor-in-chief John Micklethwait.

The new editorial approach also includes two new opening sections, “Surveillance” and “<Go>,” linked to the Bloomberg Television programs of the same name. These will be followed by another new section, “Industry Report,” with the tagline “Powered by Bloomberg Intelligence,” highlighting insights from the company’s custom research division, with each edition devoted to market like automotive, pharmaceuticals, energy, or technology.

Bloomberg Media head of U.S. financial ad sales Mike Dukmejian, said the company is providing a "thought leadership product by more closely connecting the magazine to the core business, and using a lot more insights and data and information that comes out of the mother ship that nobody else has."

He added: “Magazines today have to provide depth, they have to provide insights, because that’s what’s going to differentiate them from the digital world.”

On the advertising side, the debut issue of the re-launched magazine includes big names in the endemic financial and luxury categories, including Wells Fargo, Blackrock IShares, Vanguard, Banco Santander, Bank of Montreal, UBS, Cartier, Sotheby’s, Tag Heuer, and private jet makers Gulfstream and Bombardier.

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